One of the Largest Academic Group in Eastern U.P.

We have completed 28 years of uninterrupted services to the nation to cherish the goals of school education and will do in the future

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Naval’s Academy is the largest chain of schools in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is the first school to have 12 branches with more than 12000 students enrolled in one city. The school boasts of affiliation from both C.B.S.E board, New Delhi and U.P Board, Allahabad. The school has the provision for imparting education from Kindergarten to post graduation in order to offer world-class educational opportunities in the city of Gorakhpur.Naval Academy believes in overall development of students and so does not limits itself to academic activities only. Cultural activities, games, expeditions, outdoor activities and project work forms an essential part of the school curriculum to relate education to real life experiences and to ensure holistic development of students.


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The academic session of all the branches of Naval’s Academy starts in April every year on the date announced. Admission to any class will be given only after prior registration and clearance of the pre-admission test by the applicant. Registration for admission opens from class Playway to IX in the first week of January.

The dates of the pre-admission tests will be notified at the time of registration. Admission once finally refused cannot be reconsidered at a later date in the same session except by express order of the Chairman or the Principal’s consultative committee in the absence of the Chairman.

Transfer of a student from one branch to another in the running session will not be allowed except in very compelling circumstances. If such a case arises, it will normally be treated as a case of fresh admission. Power to waive this condition will be only with the Chairman.

Admission will take effect from the date on which the admission form, duly completed in all respect, is accepted by the Principal.

Welcome to Naval's National Academy

Warm welcome to Naval's National Academy one of the largest chain of schools in U.P.

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the Navalians who have been our family members and extended their unconditional support to me in the journey of developing school education system since 1995. Now we stand anxiously to greet them in the grand celebration of Naval’s Academy Silver Jubilee Year as we have  completed 25 years of uninterrupted services to the nation to cherish the goals of school education and will do in the future.

Naval’s Academy, one of the largest group of schools in Eastern UP, aims at imparting complete and quality education to the children of the country beyond its ambience. We take every endevour to transform a child into a whole man by providing holistic education. We leave no stone unturned to make the student physically fit, mentally alert, socially sensitive, emotionally strong and spiritually awakened.

A child, who is the most wonderful creation of nature, is endowed with boundless energy and tremendous potentials. She/he is the source material in the hands of society and education is the technique by which the society turns that source material into worthy citizens. We recognize that education is a magic stone which turns clay into a gem. That is why Naval’s Academy always shows maneuver ability and alacrity to provide suitable platforms to its students and staff to develop their life skills mult dimensionally.

Besides subject teaching in class rooms, strong emphasis is given to co-curricular activities so as to relate school leaming process to real life experiences in conformity with NCF-2005. Most important characteristic features of our schools are that our Principals and faculty members encourage children to reflect on their own leaming and prepare to pursue imaginative activities and questions. Inculcating creativity and initiative have been possible in the precincts of Naval’s Academy because we perceive and treat children as participants in learning not as receivers of a fixed body of knowledge. We create an environment of rigorous practice so that our students may emerge with higher academic potentials equipped with multi disciplinary knowledge. EduLympics 2K19 is the latest example in this direction that attracted thousands of talent at one place for complete four days and nights This brochure seeks to give information succinctly about the

Naval’s Educational Society Gorakhpur and the working rules followed by it running under the aegis of the Society. Conspicuous features of the schools have also been hinted at, where felt necessary. We hope that students, parents, teachers and all other stake holders will appreciate our efforts to make each branch of Naval’s Academy into an Exclusive Knowledge Imparting Zone.

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